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Michael Johnson September 21, 2020
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If you have not heard about this organization, we are here to let you know all you need to. Basically, in a nutshell, Gamstop puts you in total control when dealing with online gambling sites. Because Gamstop helps you to put in place blocks and limits to help restrict your online gambling activities, whether they be a daily, weekly, or monthly occurrence. Gamstop is the first phase of the UK’s national online self-exclusion scheme. 

You can quickly and easily sign up for this service to help you prevent yourself from using any gambling websites or any similar apps run by all companies licensed in the whole of Great Britain. This is set only for a period of your choosing, meaning you are in full control and you (the player) set up the allotted period for not playing. Once the set time frame has elapsed, then all restrictions and blocks no longer apply. So, all online gambling sites that are registered in the whole of Great Britain will be accessible. There are two options here, return to Gamstop and set up a completely new period of time, or if ready, start playing online casino games again.

Gamstop is a self-exclusion scheme designed to help individuals in the United Kingdom who struggle with problem gambling. By registering with Gamstop, users can exclude themselves from all licensed gambling websites and apps for a minimum of six months up to five years. The scheme is free, quick, and easy to register, and has already helped over 400,000 people take back control of their gambling habits.

Gamstop works by comparing the registration details provided by users with the information given to a gambling company when signing up. Once registered with Gamstop, users will not be able to log in to an existing gambling account or create a new one. This ensures that individuals who have excluded themselves from gambling are unable to access any licensed gambling website or app.

Gamstop is the first phase of the UK’s national online self-exclusion scheme, and is available to all residents of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is important to note that Gamstop does not cover unlicensed gambling websites, and users are advised to seek additional support if they are struggling with addiction. Overall, Gamstop is a valuable tool for individuals who want to take a break from gambling and regain control of their lives.

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Who Can Register? How can I do this?

It is straightforward and easy to register as a user at Gamstop. Anyone who is a resident in the UK and over the age of 18 is eligible to sign up and use this service from Gamstop. There are a few questions and requirements in order to successfully sign up to Gamstop. As this registration is for individuals and not couples or groups of people. It is very important that you provide a number of specific details in order that Gamstop can confirm your identity in order to proceed. The three primary forms of identification that you will need to proceed are the following:

  • Current Postcode
  • Date of Birth
  • A Valid Email Address

It is quite an important point to remember that any one individual cannot sign up to Gamstop for any other person. However, this does not mean that help can not be given to someone else with the process. As long as the person being aided with the registration process has all the necessary details required, then help can be given.

Understanding Gamstop

Gamstop is a free online self-exclusion tool that enables people who live in Great Britain and Northern Ireland to exclude themselves from all licensed gambling websites and apps. It is a charity that works in partnership with licensed gambling operators and the UK Gambling Commission to provide support and information to those who need it.

To register with Gamstop, a user needs to provide personal information such as name, date of birth, and address. After the registration process is complete, the user can choose to exclude themselves from gambling sites and apps for a period of either 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years. Once registered, if a user logs in to an existing gambling account or tries to create a new one, they will not be able to gamble.

Gamstop works by comparing the registration details provided by the user with the details given to a gambling company when signing up. If there is a match, the user will be prevented from gambling.

Gamstop is a useful tool for those who want to take a break from gambling or who feel that they have a problem with gambling. It provides a way for individuals to take control of their gambling habits and seek support if needed. The service is completely free, and users can remove their exclusion at any time if they feel ready to gamble again.

Overall, Gamstop is a reliable and effective way to exclude oneself from licensed gambling websites and apps in Great Britain. It is an important tool for responsible gambling and provides valuable support and information to those who need it.

Registering is Quick and Easy

When you first enter the Gamstop website, you will be required to read and confirm, by continuing to register or browse the site their disclaimer. which is:

“GAMSTOP currently includes a large number of online gambling websites, but not all. In due course, all online gambling websites will be required to join by the Gambling Commission.

Until then, you can register early with GAMSTOP, which will exclude you from the gambling websites that have signed up already.

Coverage will increase as more online gambling firms join the scheme, without you having to re-register with GAMSTOP. A list of participating gambling companies is in the footer of the site. If you gamble online with a company that is not listed and want to be excluded from the site, then you will need to contact them directly.

We welcome your feedback about your experiences using GAMSTOP. Continuing means you have read and understand the above.”

From the website,

This means there are still casinos not on Gamstop, but once this has been read and agreed, hit the continue button to start the registration process. Simply head to the register tab, and here you will be asked to enter your email address. This is a verification step to make sure that you are who you claimed to be via email. The email will last for only 24 hours after being received. All that’s needed is to click the link inside the email to verify identity. If you do not click the link and decide to not continue with the registration, then all details provided will be deleted and never used again in that instance. You are able to register again using the same email address.

After clicking the link, this directs back to the Gamstop website where you need to accept the disclaimer again, then this time presented is the registration form that needs to be filled in. This is one step closer to becoming a member of Gamstop. There are three sections to this process, 

  • Entering your details
  • Verify Identity
  • Checking Details

Once all details have been entered and confirmed, the account is now open and ready. The registered user is now free to use the site.

How does Gamstop Work?

Gamstop is a free online service for its users which is available for consumers who are resident within the United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland) only. The basic idea behind Gamstop is to prevent the user from gambling for a chosen period of time. 

Once registered, the user is able to put a stop to all gambling and access to sites that are registered to Gamstop. This is for the allotted period of time chosen. There are three periods of time to choose from, the minimum amount of time any user can exclude themselves is 6 months. Then the next period is one year, and the last choice is the top of five years of exclusion. All these blocked amounts of days are set in stone and are not adjustable in any way. Once any of the three-time periods have been chosen and activated, are then not able to stop at any point before the period has elapsed. There is no way to interrupt the allotted time before the end time has been reached. With this in mind, the user setting the period has to be sure that the time period chosen is right. 

Gamstop Summary

This is a simple service to use and understand, providing some much-needed rest-bite from temptation. It is important to note that not every single online gambling site is registered with Gamstop, so this service is not a guaranteed full protection against accessing gambling websites. There are more and more websites joining every day to help boost the official list of casinos at Gamstop, which is important to help against temptation.

Gamstop is an excellent tool for all those users who feel that the fun has stopped and need help. Gamstop also offers details and links in other areas which may be of concern. Areas include help with Practical Controls like Adblockers and Blocking Software. Also, support regarding Debt, Gambling itself and emotional support. Which are all factors that can also be of importance when choosing to stop visiting these online betting sites. This information can be accessed and links used without registering. also has help, links and useful information regarding this tricky subject, always putting the user first.

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