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Whenever you come to our site, you will see that it is often tailored to suit your specific online preferences, especially when you make a second visit. To create the best user experience possible, our site uses cookies, which are collected every time you visit the site.

Cookies Explained

To put succinctly what a cookie is, it is a data or information from the website that asks to be saved to your laptop or mobile device’s hard drive. You also need to note that you can reject the acceptance of a cookie, the cookie will start collecting data from any web browsing that occurs. In this way, it tracks the data from each page you visit, your online movements, and analyses traffic. The sole purpose of a cookie is to ensure that, through this collection of information about your online habits, the cookies can remember your preferences and specific browsing patterns. This enables the website to provide an optimal user experience.

Your preferences online

When you use our website, you’ll be able to use this technology. We give you the option to accept these cookies (or not), to store data on your device. Even if you should choose to accept these cookies initially, there are options to block and delete them from your browser at a later date should you change your mind. This can be achieved by clearing the cookies from your browser or simply altering the privacy settings within the browser. To learn more about how to do this, please go to:

It is important to note, however, that, though you can reject having cookies, not all the website functions will be able to operate properly. Specific cookies have special functions and blocking these can cause you to become restricted on certain areas of the site and therefore be unable to enjoy the complete user experience.

Classifying Cookies

On this website, different cookies perform different tasks. There are a number of different options such as Google Analytics, Optinmonster, Yandex Metrica and Hot Jar, all of which have their own cookies in place.

There is a different operating time for every cookie. Some will be in operation for just minutes whilst others will be there for months. As we have already mentioned, a large proportion of these cookies are on the website to help with the development of the website or are tools which are in place to optimise user experience. Again though, it’s important to remember that you can change these settings any time you like by going through your browser settings.

At this juncture, we’d like you to know that no information is collected and stored by these third-party cookies for nefarious purposes – all parties are completely GDPR compliant.

When you first enter our website, you will initially be asked to accept the cookie policy. We have a number of different cookies on our website, one of which are flow cookies. Flow cookies enhance communication between servers. It is important to note that they do not identify you as the user or customer and will keep your session completely anonymous.

As we touched upon, we also use Google Analytics, which is where the cookies will also be used. Google Analytics is an official Google tool, and it helps those operating our website to analyse the behaviour of our visitors throughout the website. It should be noted that this is an add-on so you can simply not download it if you do not want the analyse of your activity to be monitored.

There are, however, unnecessary and necessary cookies. Unnecessary cookies are needed to improve the user experience by gathering information and tailoring it to your needs. However, this is not necessary for everyday online activity. Necessary cookies are used because they help indispensably to help the website to operate. These cookies will be stored instantly onto your device unless you have an opt-out setting on your browser already.

Another type of cookie is session cookies. These will be abandoned the second you finish your session online. Some cookies are even pretty much permanent as they will let you customise the navigation through the website after performing a number of sessions in a row.

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